Passport Engage®

Passport Engage is all about better communication.

Most pre- and post-op communication occurs today by phone or regular mail. That’s labor intensive, costly, and it just doesn’t work very well.

Passport Engage improves communication by using text or email messages. Better communication with your patients. With your staff. With your physicians and vendors.


Passport Engage allows you to communicate with your patients the way they do: by text and email.

Automated messages

Reminders, instructions, and educational information are customized according to your patient’s surgical procedure, their physician’s instructions, and the patient’s medical history and medications.

Pre-op Instructions

NPO Reminders

Post-op Instructions

One-time messages

Send an individual custom message to a patient or a patient’s family member.

Financial Reminders

Procedure time changes

Friends and family


Keep all members of your team informed with individual or role-based group messages.

PACU staff

All staff

Staff and patients


Messages can be sent to one physician or a whole group.

One physician

All physicians

Board members


Communicate with your vendors efficiently.

“Passport Engage has proven to be a highly effective tool in sending alerts to patients via text, email, and phone. The time savings are significant - making phone calls, leaving messages, and following up for time changes have basically been eliminated.”

John Piccione
Lake Worth Surgical Center, Lake Worth, FL

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