Passport Booking®

OR volume. It’s the most critical vital sign for assessing how healthy your surgical facility is. Going up? That’s great! Going down? Better find out why and fix it!

Passport Booking can help keep your OR volume growing by making it easier for physician offices to schedule cases at your facility.


OR booking requests usually get made one of two ways: by phone or fax. Both are far from perfect.

Phone Calls

  • Phone calls are error-prone and slow
  • When busy, calls get put on hold or go unanswered
  • No audit trail
  • Can only book cases when facility is open


  • Frequently illegible
  • Incomplete information
  • Lost faxes
  • No audit trail

There is a better way.

Passport Booking allows physician office staff to securely send booking requests to your facility 24/7.

Simplified Booking Requests

Booking request process is streamlined with reusable templates for specific procedures or surgeons.

Better Communication

Two-way conversations allow you to easily communicate and track confirmations or changes with schedulers.

Increased Revenue

Physician office schedulers are notified of OR availability, eliminating empty OR rooms and lost dollars.

“Previously, our surgery scheduling team posted our cases from orders that were received via fax, email, or phone calls; which oftentimes lead to incomplete and misplaced surgery orders. We have gone from scheduling our surgery cases for only weeks out, to now months out as a result of using Passport Booking. The ability to have all of our surgical orders in one place allows us to view our cases in one place and keep both schedulers and managers aware of what the projected workload is.”

Kate Lennert
Credentialing Coordinator
Blue Ridge Surgery Center, Raleigh, NC

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