Passport Archive

Is document management a snap at your facility? If so, and you’ve got document collection, storage, and retrieval nailed – congratulations!

On the other hand, if you struggle to stay ahead of the mountains of paper every day like the rest of us, Passport Archive may be just what you’re looking for.

Passport Archive simplifies document management and storage by providing you with your very own piece of our secure cloud. This means that now you can now convert your paper charts into digital files that you can easily organize, archive, and retrieve with the click of a mouse.

Customizable document categories make it easy to organize your charts into the document types that you are already using like consents, H&Ps, or labs, and barcodes automate the scanning process to group individual pages with the right patient and the right document category.

No more physical chart storage room that takes up valuable space you could be using for something more important. No more boxes of charts piled up waiting to go to the storage facility.

No more budget-busting courier costs. No more off-site fees for storing and retrieving charts.

We believe your nurses and staff should be focusing on what matters most—patients.

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