Medical Passport®

Your patients are busy. They shop online, bank online, and book travel online. Why not give them the same convenience with online pre-admissions?

Medical Passport is the convenient alternative to lengthy pre-op phone calls or in-person assessments. It’s patient-friendly and mobile-friendly, so patients can complete their medical histories online, whenever and wherever they want. They can even stop and restart creating a Medical Passport, update it for a future procedure, or use it as their own Personal Health Record (PHR). Once a patient creates a Medical Passport, it’s theirs to keep and use.

Medical Passport is smart. It knows to ask different questions based on a patient’s age, sex, and responses to previous questions. In addition, it can be configured for different types of procedures, so that GI patients, pain patients, eye patients, and ortho patients can all be asked a different series of questions.

We all know that accurate pre-op information helps to avoid day-of-surgery surprises. High blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, a cardiac history, or previous problems with anesthesia are all easily managed if you know about them in advance. Medical Passport automatically flags patients with the risk factors you want to screen for, ensuring a consistent pre-op process.


Get the most out of Medical Passport with these powerful add-ons

Quality Assurance

Custom assessments screen patient for individual health risks as well as pre-op diagnostic testing criteria. Choose the assessments that are most relevant to your center’s case mix: DVT, falls risk, opioid risk, latex allergy.


Simplify the pre-op assessment questions in Medical Passport according to your patient’s procedure type: surgical, GI, eye, or pain management. Easier for patients to complete, easier for nurses to review.


Patients are given an easy way to provide vital information before and after a procedure  with questionnaires sent through text and email messages. Staff can select a questionnaire from a template or create one specific to your needs.

“Since deploying Medical Passport, cancellations caused by day-of-surgery surprises are no longer an issue, saving us an estimated $46,000 a year. Pre-op calls are down to five minutes per patient, from the previous 20–25 minutes, eliminating the need for a full-time nurse to manage the process. We are extremely pleased with the results.”

Jessie Scott, MBA
Presidio Surgery Center, San Francisco, CA

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