High patient satisfaction scores are one of the key indicators of an ASC’s success. Facilities are always looking for ways to increase patient satisfaction scores and are using technology to engage patients in their care.

Sending important pre- and post-op information to patients via text message is an easy way to engage patients in their care. Getting important information such as NPO reminders or medication reminders in advance of their procedure reinforces the information they receive prior to a procedure, ensuring they are compliant, but more importantly, creates a greater sense that they will receive the personal attention they are looking for. In addition to keeping patients satisfied and engaged in their care, communicating through text is an excellent way to save hours typically spent on the phone, allowing nurses to spend more time with patients.

Read more about the importance of automated patient communications in the April edition of Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s Hot Technology on pages 8-15, then give us a call at 800-540-7527 to see how easy it is to increase patient satisfaction scores by using Passport Engage.

“Passport Engage is AMAZING! The nice thing about texts and emails is that a patient can see they’ve received the information and refer to it when needed. The communications center allows us to see who has received the information so we spend our time following up with those who need attention. Patients arrive compliant and confident in the care they will receive.”
Kristi Baldwin, Director of Nursing, Texas Health Orthopedic Surgery Center, Flower Mound, TX
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Valley Ambulatory Case Study

Read how Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center uses Medical Passport to streamline pre-admissions.

  • Reduce pre-op call time
  • Save $30K in overtime
  • Reduce case cancellations