Meet Melanie…

Melanie’s facility does everything manually—spending hours on the phone collecting health histories and reminding patients about their procedures. It’s the end of the day and she still has a ton of calls to make before tomorrow!

Just thinking about the time it will take to make all those calls makes Melanie want to pull her hair out!

Meet Laurie…

Laurie’s facility uses One Medical Passport. She is prepared for procedures days in advance with complete medical histories. Her patients are engaged and well-informed because they’ve received text messages explaining NPO instructions or reminders about their upcoming procedure.

Laurie feels prepared and as a result, is a much happier nurse!

If you’re looking to feel more like Laurie and less like Melanie, use the button below to schedule a demo today!

In just a few minutes, we can explain how your facility can be prepared for cases days in advance, feel less stressed, have better communication with your patients, and save precious time while you’re at it!


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Gulf Pointe Case Study

How Gulf Point Surgery Center uses patient online health portal to streamline perioperative processes

Learn how Gulf Point Surgery Center uses our solution to:

  • Achieve 80% online compliance with 65+ age demographic
  • Prevent cancellations with more accurate and timely medical histories
  • Streamline their workflow, allowing staff to focus on patient needs