Cloud-based patient pre-admission solutions have become an industry standard. The systems are easy to implement, integrate, and use. They automate and streamline information-gathering and organization, while dramatically minimizing associated costs.

When considering online pre-admission providers, do you know what questions to ask?

How about facility impact questions like…
What financial advantages will I see?
Technical questions like…
Is HIPAA compliance and data protection ensured?
Usability questions like…
Is the information organized and accessible by staff role?

For a complete list of questions to consider, and key benefits of pre-admission tools download Outpatient Healthcare Strategies – White Paper on cloud-based technologies.

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Gulf Pointe Case Study

How Gulf Point Surgery Center uses patient online health portal to streamline perioperative processes

Learn how Gulf Point Surgery Center uses our solution to:

  • Achieve 80% online compliance with 65+ age demographic
  • Prevent cancellations with more accurate and timely medical histories
  • Streamline their workflow, allowing staff to focus on patient needs