We’re excited to show you how you can now connect with patients from pre- to post-op all in one place. Our easy, online tools can help your facility reduce administrative time and improve your bottom line.

Medical Passport: Online Pre-Admissions

  • Reduce clinical overtime by minimizing paperwork and time-intensive phone calls
  • Decrease delays and cancellations by identifying high risk patients sooner
  • Increase accuracy with patient-entered medical history

Passport Engage: Automated Text, Email, and Voice Reminders

  • Improve NPO compliance with reminders and perioperative care instructions
  • Inform and educate patients with customized messaging based on procedure and surgeon
  • Improve patient experience with group or one-time messages for schedule changes or emergency closures

Passport Booking™: Online Booking Requests

  • Facilitate communication among physicians/ surgeons and your facility through one shared platform
  • Reduce faxes, phone calls, and voice mails
  • Allows efficient sorting by patient, physician, or date of service
  • Comprehensive reports and audit trails are easily generated.

We work with you to customize these solutions in order to meet your facility’s needs.

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Gulf Pointe Case Study

How Gulf Point Surgery Center uses patient online health portal to streamline perioperative processes

Learn how Gulf Point Surgery Center uses our solution to:

  • Achieve 80% online compliance with 65+ age demographic
  • Prevent cancellations with more accurate and timely medical histories
  • Streamline their workflow, allowing staff to focus on patient needs