Facilities like yours were able to significantly decrease costs and retain potentially lost revenue. Passport Engage helps your facility to:

  • Inform patients with reminders and educational information
  • Support staff by eliminating routine phone calls and emergency messages
  • Retain revenue by sending financial obligation reminders

Using text, email, or voice messages allow your staff to use their time more efficiently so they can spend less time on the phone and more time with patients. Engaging your patients in their care ultimately leads to better outcomes and higher satisfaction scores for your facility.

“The time savings is significant. Making phone calls, leaving messages, and following up for time changes has basically been eliminated.”
John Piccione, Lake Worth Surgical Center, Lake Worth, FL

Download this case study to see how Passport Engage can help your facility.

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Gulf Pointe Case Study

How Gulf Point Surgery Center uses patient online health portal to streamline perioperative processes

Learn how Gulf Point Surgery Center uses our solution to:

  • Achieve 80% online compliance with 65+ age demographic
  • Prevent cancellations with more accurate and timely medical histories
  • Streamline their workflow, allowing staff to focus on patient needs