Rena Carney, RN, BSN, Director of Nursing at Dublin Surgery Center in Dublin, OH explains how using Medical Passport and Passport Engage has helped them maximize their efficiencies. By registering patients online, texting reminders, pre-op instructions, and updates to patients and family members, they have been able to stay connected to patients and improve their workflow.

“We found a company that was in tune with what outpatient facilities need to be efficient. Several employees (at One Medical Passport) have a clinical background, which means they really understand what we need in our bustling center.”
Rena Carney, RN, BSN

Read the full article in Outpatient Surgery Magazine on pages 85-90, then give us a call and see how we can create the same efficient process at your center!  800-540-7527

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How Gulf Point Surgery Center uses patient online health portal to streamline perioperative processes

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  • Streamline their workflow, allowing staff to focus on patient needs