Ambulatory Surgery Software to
Help Your Staff and
Empower Your Patients

Ambulatory Surgery Software to Help Your Staff and Empower Your Patients

Delivering great surgical care requires hard work.
We make it easier.

It’s ironic. You have cutting-edge equipment like 4K Ultra HD monitors in your ORs, and yet much of the work of delivering great surgical care still gets done by phone, fax, handwritten forms, sticky notes, and white boards.

At One Medical Passport, we can help you change that. Without disrupting what works for you now. And without breaking the bank.

Our solutions deliver an immediate ROI and solve common sticking points in the perioperative process like pre-op screening, patient engagement, communication, and document management.

They are all easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to integrate with your existing workflows. Each can work alone or as part of the full One Medical Passport suite. And because they’re cloud-based, there’s never any software to install or maintain.

Online Pre-admission

Gather patient-entered histories, medications, and demographics

Patient Engagement

Automatically deliver procedure-specific information and reminders

Real-time Patient Tracking

Display OR schedule and update patient status throughout the day

Online Booking Requests

Receive surgical bookings electronically from physician offices

Online Document Transfer

Receive patient documents electronically from physician offices

Document Management

Scan, organize, and archive patient charts in the cloud

Medical Passports

Surgical Facilities

Medical Staff

Patient Messages

At One Medical Passport, we're nurses and doctors too. We understand your world. We know that life in the O.R. can be hectic. We get that you didn't go into healthcare because you love paperwork.

Your patients are busy. They shop online, bank online, and book travel online. Why not give them the same convenience with online pre-admissions?

Medical Passport is the convenient alternative to lengthy pre-op phone calls or in-person assessments. It’s patient-friendly and mobile-friendly, so patients can complete their medical histories online, whenever and wherever they want. They can even stop and restart creating a Medical Passport, update it for a future procedure, or use it as their own Personal Health Record (PHR). Once a patient creates a Medical Passport, it’s theirs to keep and use.

Medical Passport is smart. It knows to ask different questions based on a patient’s age, sex, and responses to previous questions. In addition, it can be configured for different types of procedures, so that GI patients, pain patients, eye patients, and ortho patients can all be asked a different series of questions.

We all know that accurate pre-op information helps to avoid day-of-surgery surprises. High blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, a cardiac history, or previous problems with anesthesia are all easily managed if you know about them in advance. Medical Passport automatically flags patients with the risk factors you want to screen for, ensuring a consistent pre-op process.


Get the most out of Medical Passport with these powerful add-ons

Quality Assurance

Custom assessments screen patient for individual health risks as well as pre-op diagnostic testing criteria. Choose the assessments that are most relevant to your center’s case mix: DVT, falls risk, opioid risk, latex allergy.


Simplify the pre-op assessment questions in Medical Passport according to your patient’s procedure type: surgical, GI, eye, or pain management. Easier for patients to complete, easier for nurses to review.


Patients are given an easy way to provide vital information before and after a procedure  with questionnaires sent through text and email messages. Staff can select a questionnaire from a template or create one specific to your needs.

“Since deploying Medical Passport, cancellations caused by day-of-surgery surprises are no longer an issue, saving us an estimated $46,000 a year. Pre-op calls are down to five minutes per patient, from the previous 20–25 minutes, eliminating the need for a full-time nurse to manage the process. We are extremely pleased with the results.”

Jessie Scott, MBA

Administrator, Presidio Surgery Center, San Francisco, CA

We believe that given the right tools, patients can be active, willing participants in their own care. And when they are, amazing things suddenly become possible.

Passport Engage is all about better communication.

Most pre- and post-op communication occurs today by phone or regular mail. That’s labor intensive, costly, and it just doesn’t work very well.

Passport Engage improves communication by using text or email messages. Better communication with your patients. With your staff. With your physicians and vendors.


Passport Engage allows you to communicate with your patients the way they do: by text and email.

Automated messages

Reminders, instructions, and educational information are customized according to your patient’s surgical procedure, their physician’s instructions, and the patient’s medical history and medications.

Pre-op Instructions

NPO Reminders

Post-op Instructions

One-time messages

Send an individual custom message to a patient or a patient’s family member.

Financial Reminders

Procedure time changes

Friends and family


Keep all members of your team informed with individual or role-based group messages.

PACU staff

All staff

Staff and patients


Messages can be sent to one physician or a whole group.

One physician

All physicians

Board members


Communicate with your vendors efficiently.

“Passport Engage has proven to be a highly effective tool in sending alerts to patients via text, email, and phone. The time savings are significant – making phone calls, leaving messages, and following up for time changes have basically been eliminated.”

John Piccione

Administrator, Lake Worth Surgical Center, Lake Worth, FL

We believe in the power of great nurses to make the world a better place. The ones who smile with their eyes, reassure with their words, and let you know that everything’s going to be ok.

Would you manage a control tower if you couldn’t see the runways? Hopefully not! But that’s how most ORs run today – with limited visibility.

Passport Big Board gives you and your team real-time patient tracking information for every patient on the schedule. The information you need to run your facility efficiently and confidently.

Does the following sound familiar?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Passport Big Board, you and your staff can all know what’s going on without picking up the phone or going for a walk.

How does it work?

  • We take the information in your OR scheduling system and create fully configurable displays on monitors in key locations throughout your facility.
  • You assign staff, change start times or room numbers, and update a patient’s status all without picking up a white board marker or logging into your scheduling system.
  • The changes you make are instantly updated on every monitor.

Fully configurable displays

Choose the layout, status, and colors that make sense to your facility.

Instant patient tracking

Keep everyone informed by quickly updating each patient’s status throughout their care.

Various tailored views

Create custom displays for each specific area of your facility including HIPAA-compliant views.

“I love it! It is easy to use and can be customized to the needs of our center. The biggest benefit is that we have a tracking system we can be consistent with and the patients’ family in the waiting room is kept updated.”

Katie Rolph

Director of Nursing, Citrus Surgery Center, Lecanto, FL

We believe that great medical software doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or a pain to implement.

Passport Document Cloud

OR volume. It’s the most critical vital sign for assessing how healthy your surgical facility is. Going up? That’s great! Going down? Better find out why and fix it!

Passport Booking can help keep your OR volume growing by making it easier for physician offices to schedule cases at your facility.


OR booking requests usually get made one of two ways: by phone or fax. Both are far from perfect.

Phone Calls

  • Phone calls are error-prone and slow
  • When busy, calls get put on hold or go unanswered
  • No audit trail
  • Can only book cases when facility is open


  • Frequently illegible
  • Incomplete information
  • Lost faxes
  • No audit trail

There is a better way.

Passport Booking allows physician office staff to securely send booking requests to your facility 24/7.

Simplified Booking Requests

Booking request process is streamlined with reusable templates for specific procedures or surgeons.

Better Communication

Two-way conversations allow you to easily communicate and track confirmations or changes with schedulers.

Increased Revenue

Physician office schedulers are notified of OR availability, eliminating empty OR rooms and lost dollars.

“Previously, our surgery scheduling team posted our cases from orders that were received via fax, email, or phone calls; which oftentimes lead to incomplete and misplaced surgery orders. We have gone from scheduling our surgery cases for only weeks out, to now months out as a result of using Passport Booking. The ability to have all of our surgical orders in one place allows us to view our cases in one place and keep both schedulers and managers aware of what the projected workload is.”

Kate Lennert

Credentialing Coordinator, Blue Ridge Surgery Center, Raleigh, NC

We believe that if you’re spending more time documenting care than giving care, something’s gone horribly wrong.

Your physician offices are super busy. You’re super busy. That combination often leads to missing or incomplete documentation, such as surgical consent forms and H&Ps. Passport Documents gives you an easy way to control document collection and organize the important patient documents you need.

Physician offices easily scan or upload documents directly to your facility, giving you immediate access to complete and legible information without having to spend hours on the phone or waiting by the fax machine.

Physician office staff easily upload important patient documents like H&Ps, consents, and other important patient documents to your office, reducing missing documents and time spent on calls and locating lost faxes.

Facility staff retrieve, store and quickly identify any missing items. Documents are then associated with a patient’s Medical Passport or surgical booking information.

Alerts and status updates help facility staff compile complete charts, helping prevent delays and cancellations.

“One Medical Passport has created a solution that centers on our institution’s needs. Offices scan all documents–consents, H&Ps, clearances, and outside testing. It eliminates missing paperwork and frustration on the part of the whole OR team and surgeon offices. One Medical Passport facilitates communication and creates a paper trail that improves our efficiency and allows us to provide safe, accurate and on time pre-op care for our patients.”

Angelina Milite, RN

Pre-Admission Testing, Grand View Health, Sellersville, PA

We believe your nurses and staff should be focusing on what matters most—patients.

Passport Archive

Is document management a snap at your facility? If so, and you’ve got document collection, storage, and retrieval nailed – congratulations!

On the other hand, if you struggle to stay ahead of the mountains of paper every day like the rest of us, Passport Archive may be just what you’re looking for.

Passport Archive simplifies document management and storage by providing you with your very own piece of our secure cloud. This means that now you can now convert your paper charts into digital files that you can easily organize, archive, and retrieve with the click of a mouse.

Customizable document categories make it easy to organize your charts into the document types that you are already using like consents, H&Ps, or labs, and barcodes automate the scanning process to group individual pages with the right patient and the right document category.

No more physical chart storage room that takes up valuable space you could be using for something more important. No more boxes of charts piled up waiting to go to the storage facility.

No more budget-busting courier costs. No more off-site fees for storing and retrieving charts.