Ambulatory Surgery Software to
Help Your Staff and
Empower Your Patients

Ambulatory Surgery Software to Help Your Staff and Empower Your Patients

Delivering great surgical care requires hard work.
We make it easier.

It’s ironic. You have cutting-edge equipment like 4K Ultra HD monitors in your ORs, and yet much of the work of delivering great surgical care still gets done by phone, fax, handwritten forms, sticky notes, and white boards.

At One Medical Passport, we can help you change that. Without disrupting what works for you now. And without breaking the bank.

Our solutions deliver an immediate ROI and solve common sticking points in the perioperative process like pre-op screening, patient engagement, communication, and document management.

They are all easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to integrate with your existing workflows. Each can work alone or as part of the full One Medical Passport suite. And because they’re cloud-based, there’s never any software to install or maintain.

Online Pre-admission

Gather patient-entered histories, medications, and demographics

Patient Engagement

Automatically deliver procedure-specific information and reminders

Real-time Patient Tracking

Display OR schedule and update patient status throughout the day

Online Booking Requests

Receive surgical bookings electronically from physician offices

Online Document Transfer

Receive patient documents electronically from physician offices

Document Management

Scan, organize, and archive patient charts in the cloud

Medical Passports

Surgical Facilities

Medical Staff

Patient Messages

At One Medical Passport, we're nurses and doctors too. We understand your world. We know that life in the O.R. can be hectic. We get that you didn't go into healthcare because you love paperwork.