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What if you could use technology to streamline your communications with patients and medical facilities so shared information was more accurate and complete? What if the same technology created a better patient experience, reduced costs and made your staff happier by allowing them to easily book procedures and upload documents?

How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

1. Direct your patients to the One Medical Passport website to input medical information
2. You can review patient supplied information for initial consults or scheduled procedures
3. Your staff may use our Booking and Document tools to streamline pre-admissions



Everything Organized in One Place

One Medical Passport is the web-based medical information system that streamlines medical information gathering. By moving tasks that are traditionally performed by phone, fax, pen and paper to the internet, it improves the flow of vital data between patients, facilities and doctors’ offices. The result? A modern, user-friendly, process that improves patient satisfaction, decreases costs and improves the quality of care. See our solution overview video.



Simple and Efficient Work-flow

Staff access Medical Passport to easily view cases by date of service, physician or patient to focus on a single case or on the day’s schedule. As documents are uploaded (consents, test results etc.) One Medical Passport monitors the completion state of pre-op requirements and automatically shows the status in the Assessment Checklist view. Alerts and status updates streamline work-flow and help caregivers easily stay on top of multiple cases. Request a demo.


Convenient for Patients

The One Medical Passport website guides patients through a comprehensive online screening interview and only asks questions relevant to their status: pediatric, sex, etc. The system also only asks appropriate follow-up questions. Medical Passport allows patients to provide their medical history from the comfort of their home where they have access to their medications and medical records. See the One Medical Passport patient website.

Streamlined Initial Consults, Document Management and Surgical Booking

One Medical Passport has easy to learn and use booking and document upload tools that make the pre-admission process more efficient and organized. After a patient completes the online questionnaire, the system automatically generates customizable reports to use for initial consults, medical history, and high-risk alerts.


A User-Friendly System for Patients and Staff

Medical Passport breaks down the complex task of creating a medical history into a series of simple steps that patients can easily complete on their own. Instead of creating an entire health history for each patient, staff need only review each patient’s Medical Passport. Nurses find their assessment interviews go much faster, but are just as effective. Nurses can review a patient’s health history information before contacting the patient, prepare specific questions, and focus on addressing the items that really require attention. This reduces data entry and leaves more time for patient education or questions. Physician office staff members find many tasks easier with One Medical Passport, from surgical booking to the upload of patient documents.

See how the system can enhance workflow efficiency and safety with customizable tools, checklists, guidelines and reports here.

I learned about One Medical Passport when I used it personally at another facility. It was so easy to use and I can update it at my convenience. Even when I visit facilities that don’t use it, I can fax it over and they have all of my pertinent information at their fingertips. It’s been hugely popular at our surgery center—compliance has been high and feedback from patients and doctors is very favorable. —Alena Pochman, RN Clinical Director, Peak One Surgery Center, Frisco, CO
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