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Easier Information Gathering and Management

One Medical Passport can help you to simplify the information gathering aspect of an initial consult. Because gathering and writing a medical history can be time consuming, and deciphering handwritten forms frustrating, we have developed an easier approach.

You can direct patients to the One Medical Passport website to enter their demographic and medical information at their convenience. The system takes the data and populates reports that organize a medical history into standard categories like allergies, medications, and demographic sections. You can access this online or print it out to review and any necessary patient follow up.

An added bonus is that the system saves each Medical Passport which helps your patients retain a more complete medical history that they can sign back in and can reuse, update and print out. Best of all it’s free to your patients.

Consumers are accustomed to doing business online. From banking and shopping to reservations, it is a convenience that people now expect. The healthcare experience should be no different. Patients want to be able to enter information electronically and have it ready and waiting for them when they arrive for testing. This type of technology is a real patient satisfier. —James Drinan, Director of Operations, Sky Ridge Medical Center, Lone Tree, CO
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