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The Easy Way to Provide Your Health History

Completing the One Medical Passport online questionnaire is a convenient and secure way to give your healthcare providers the information they need to give you the best care possible. Just create an account, answer some basic questions about your health history, and One Medical Passport does the rest. You can access it whenever you’d like to update your information. Over two million patients a year and hundreds of medical facilities use the One Medical Passport system — it’s the trusted leader in online pre-admission. Start Your Medical Passport


One Simple Online Questionnaire

Now you don’t need to fill out multiple forms to provide your health history to different medical facilities, departments or caregivers before a procedure. In addition, you no longer have to complete forms with questions that don’t pertain to you. One Medical Passport customizes the online health history questionnaire to save you time, and then provides your healthcare providers with the information they need when they need it.


Start and Finish at Your Convenience

You can sign into the One Medical Passport system at any time that’s convenient for you. If you don’t have time to complete the online questionnaire, simply log off and return to your Medical Passport when you have time to finish it. Remember to write down your username, so you can easily access your Medical Passport and update it to reuse it. It’s best to provide an email address so you have quick access to technical support for any questions you may have. Access patient help link here

Securely Send Information to Your Healthcare Providers

Once you have completed your Medical Passport, select finish and a copy of your Medical Passport is then sent to your healthcare provider to review. Your information is protected by the most secure encryption technology available and is only accessible by the healthcare providers you designate. For complete information, see our privacy policy.

pre-op instructions

Print Pre-op Directions and Your Medical Passport

You may want to print pre- and post-op instructions, so you know exactly what to do before and after your surgery. You may also want to print your Medical Passport to give a copy of it to your healthcare provider, or to have a copy of it on file at home. Many facilities also provide driving directions and parking instructions that are handy to print out. Printing these items is easy with One Medical Passport.

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A Medical Passport That’s Yours to Keep

You can create and maintain Medical Passports for yourself and your family members to keep up-to-date medical histories for everyone. You can reuse a Medical Passport for future procedures, instead of completing a new medical form. If you need to update medical information, simply sign into the system, and edit and resubmit the Medical Passport. Your One Medical Passport account is always free and available for you. You can sign in anytime with your user name and password to:

  • Access or update your health history information or change your address
  • Send your Medical Passport to a healthcare provider before an upcoming procedure
  • Print copies of your Medical Passport for healthcare providers or for your own records
  • Provide a copy of your Medical Passport to dentists or specialists or for elective surgeries
  • Create free Medical Passports for relatives. This is handy for seniors who may need help in maintaining their health history, or for kids going off to college who may need to access their health history
Consumers are accustomed to doing business online. From banking and shopping to reservations, it is a convenience that people now expect. The healthcare experience should be no different. Patients want to be able to enter information electronically and have it ready and waiting for them when they arrive for testing. This type of technology is a real patient satisfier. —James Drinan, Director of Operations, Sky Ridge Medical Center, Lone Tree, CO
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