Passport Engage

Easy Patient Communication

Patients who are informed and active partners in their care have better outcomes and higher satisfaction. Therefore, facilities are looking for more effective ways to engage with their patients. Passport Engage gives facilities an affordable and easy-to-use solution to connect with their patients by sending important reminders, messages and educational information when they need it, in the way that makes more sense to them.

Messaging Options

Text, email and/or phone messages to reach more of your patients.

Completely Automated

Timed reminders, surveys and perioperative care instructions.

Individualized Care

Text, email and/or phone messages to reach more of your patients.

Easy Implementation

Flexibility to work seamlessly with One Medical Passport platform, or as a powerful complement to your current system.
  • Remind and educate patients with clinical pathway messages
  • Communicate NPO instructions, arrival times, schedule changes with automated, one-time or group messages
  • Improve workflow by reducing nursing time spent on the phone
  • Increase revenues with reduced delays and cancellations
  • Improve patient safety and overall surgical outcomes
Passport Engage is AMAZING! We used to spend about 2 hours a day calling patients with time and instructions and now that is down to 15-20 minutes. It has provided us with another level to get messaging out. The nice thing about texts and emails is that a person can see that they have received the information and refer to it when they can really pay attention. Patients arrive compliant and confident in the care they will receive. —Kristi Baldwin, Director of Nursing, Texas Health Orthopedic Surgery Center, Flower Mound, TX
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