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Streamline Pre-admission

When a patient’s medical information is available to a healthcare team well in advance of a planned procedure, and the information is legible, accurate, and complete, a team can work to prevent day-of-surgery surprises that increase risk and cause costly and stressful surgery delays and cancellations.

For a quick review of the technology we offer to streamline the entire pre-admissions process, see our overview video


Convenient and Efficient for Patients and Staff

Instead of a lengthy screening phone call patients use Medical Passport to guide them through an easy online questionnaire to submit their medical information and review any disclosures and instructions. Patients enjoy the convenience of choosing when and where to enter their medical data as well as their ability to save, reuse and print their health history. Each patient’s medical information is then immediately available to the facility in a consistent, legible format and allows staff to quickly review and verify a patient’s information in advance of a call or a visit. All clinical forms (customizable) as well as alerts, reports and other requirements are automated for efficiency. Information and documents are organized in one place for staff to access online or to quickly print a complete chart pack. See how Medical Passport works for patients or facilities.


Leverage the Internet for a Competitive Advantage

To deliver quality care in the safest, most cost-effective manner possible, leading hospitals ACO’s, healthcare systems, practices, clinics and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) are increasingly investing in tools to enhance their staff’s productivity. By embracing cloud solutions, they can achieve the efficiency, speed, and flexibility required to effectively compete in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment. Leveraging the Internet creates a win-win situation for patients and medical staff because both prefer online systems. See our cost-savings calculator, which can compute an annual savings estimate for facilities considering Medical Passport.

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    Save Nursing Time Reduce nursing time an average of 20 minutes per patient

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    85% of US Adults Use the Internet With more than 50% on the Internet every day

Easy Implementation for Immediate ROI

Medical Passport is completely web-based. You don’t have to buy or install any hardware or software. No matter how you currently manage pre-admission, the One Medical Passport system can easily integrate with your existing process to make it more efficient. Updates, upgrades and new features are included in the system at no charge.

An experienced implementation manager will assist you and your clinical team in workflow transition after Go Live. Learn more about our easy setup.

One Medical Passport has far exceeded our expectations. In addition to improving our pre-admission process and saving significant nursing time, we are enjoying many additional unexpected benefits including customized warning lists and alerts, medication reconciliation and advanced reporting capabilities. We look forward to expanding our use of the system even further as new features are added. —Cynthia Chappell, Nurse Manager, Methodist Hospital for Surgery
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