Cost Effective

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Reduce Paperwork and Phone Calls

Time spent writing information on forms, making phone calls, chasing down faxes, sorting through files and affixing sticky notes to folders can now be spent on patient care.  Medical Passport efficiently gathers the necessary health history information from patients and automatically generates alerts, clinical forms, medication reconciliations, anesthesia pre-op information, and much more.  When it’s used to the fullest extent possible, the One Medical Passport system can also help you reduce the time spent scheduling, managing documents, generating audit reports, patient reminders, and patient feedback surveys. Staff experience less on-the-job stress when an easy-to-use system can organize everything in one place for them.

No Hardware or Software to Buy or Maintain

One Medical Passport is easy to implement—most sites are up and running in a few days. Everything is done through the Internet, so there’s just a website to access, and no hardware or software to buy, install, and update. This technology allows you to provide a patient’s pre-admission information to your entire team in a fraction of the time. Staff training is done online or in person and takes only a few hours, minimizing any impact on your day-to-day operations.

Reduce Expenses

With One Medical Passport’s online system, you can reduce your expenses for phone and fax equipment, paper and printing supplies, pens and chart packs, along with the time spent purchasing, tracking and distributing these items. In addition, by allowing you to gather accurate, complete patient medical information well in advance of a procedure, the system helps to prevent day-of-surgery cancellations and the significant expenses that result from them.

An Immediate ROI

Hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) that embrace One Medical Passport and prepare their staff members to use it effectively with our quick training immediately generate an ROI. These customers typically find they save an average of 20 minutes of nursing time per surgical screening immediately after implementing the system. In addition, because One Medical Passport doesn’t require any hardware or software, customers don’t incur any costs related to installing, maintaining and upgrading additional technology. Your facility will start benefiting from a more efficient pre-admission process in no time.

Learn how Much You Can Save

Try our cost-savings calculator to see how much you can save.

Since deploying One Medical Passport, cancellations caused by day-of-surgery surprises are no longer an issue, saving us an estimated $46,000 a year. Pre-op calls are down to 5 minutes per patient from the previous 20–25 minutes, eliminating the need for a full-time nurse to manage the process. We are extremely pleased with the results. — Jessie Scott, MBA, Administrator, Presidio Surgery Center, San Francisco, CA
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