Surgical Booking request a demo

Efficient, Online Surgical Booking

With One Medical Passport, surgical booking requests that are normally faxed or phoned in are easily submitted online. This dramatically enhances the efficiency of your surgical booking office staff, and the ease with which a physician’s office staff can schedule cases. With One Medical Passport, surgical booking requests are more legible, complete, accurate and convenient than those made through traditional booking methods.

Customizable – Book in Two Clicks

Surgical booking requests are customizable for the physicians’ offices that book their cases with your facility. When a surgical office scheduler signs into One Medical Passport, the scheduler automatically sees a list of the physicians in the office and the procedures they routinely perform. With just two clicks, the scheduler selects the physician and procedure, and then enters the patient information. The scheduler then submits the booking request, and One Medical Passport generates a confirmation showing the exact details of the booking, including a date and time stamp.

The surgical booking request then appears online for your facility’s surgical booking office staff, who can confirm or modify the booking with just a few clicks. One Medical Passport records the information and automatically sends a confirmation back to the surgical office scheduler.

No Software or Hardware to Buy or Install

The Surgical Booking Module is web-based, efficient, and makes it easy for physicians to book their cases at your facility. There is no software or hardware to install. All that your surgical offices need is a computer with an Internet connection.

One Medical Passport enables us to provide a higher level of care to our patients. Our patients appreciate the convenience of the system, as they are not rushed when filling out medical histories and demographic information. As a result, the data we gather is much more complete and accurate, which greatly pleases our anesthesiologists and surgeons. —Lynn Dugan, RN, BSN, CASC, VP of Clinical Operations, Sovereign Healthcare, Mesa, AZ
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