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Simplified Document Management

Streamline the pre-admission process by efficiently storing patient documents, such as H&P or consent forms, in the One Medical Passport system, and sharing them online with physicians’ offices and other healthcare providers. Documents makes a patient’s information easily accessible to all parties who need it to ensure quality medical care and meet compliance requirements.

This tool improves communication and collaboration between facilities and physicians’ offices and other healthcare providers, and helps to ensure that they share accurate, up-to-date information. Documents can ultimately reduce risk and eliminate costly day-of-surgery delays or cancellations that result from missing or inaccurate patient information. You no longer need to fax documents and verify their receipt. This easy- to-use tool allows your staff to quickly upload and attach a patient’s documents to the patient’s record.

Easy for Staff to Learn and Use

A simple interface allows staff members to select a document type, such as a consent, H&P or lab form, and scan, upload, or fax the form into the Documents section. They can then view the document’s image on screen. Once the document is added, it becomes associated with a patient’s Medical Passport or surgical booking information, and a record and audit trail is established. Both the facility and physician’s office staff use the same interface and have access to all uploaded information. Because of the comprehensive document tracking, staff members will always know when a document was added to the system and which staff member added it.

Designed by clinical professionals to simplify document capture, Documents helps facility staff better prepare and document the pre-admission process for each patient. This results in better decisions, and lets staff focus on what matters most – the quality of a patient’s care.

In the ASC industry time is money. Unlike hospital settings, we don’t charge for the little things nor do we get paid by the hour; it is one set fee. Therefore, we need to be as efficient as humanly possible. The One Medical Passport system helps us achieve the much needed efficiency to ensure operations run as cost-effectively as possible. —Tammy Smittle, BSN, RN, CASC, and administrator at South Austin Surgery Center Austin, TX
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