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The Most Widely Used Online Pre-admission Solution

With Medical Passport, your staff no longer has to make multiple calls to gather patient information. They can simply download the patient’s Medical Passport and verify the information as necessary. Medical Passport expedites the collection of accurate, complete patient health histories with an online questionnaire that patients answer. Hundreds of medical facilities and over two million patients a year use Medical Passport.

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

1. Review the patient-generated information in the Medical Passport
2. Verify the information with the patient in follow-up as needed
3. Print forms customized for your facility or feed data into your system


Streamlined Pre-admission Process

Medical Passport transfers tasks traditionally performed by phone, fax, and pen and paper to the internet and improves the flow of vital information between patients, facilities, and physicians’ offices. The result is a user-friendly pre-admission process that meets the needs of increasingly computer-savvy patients and medical professionals, improves the quality of care, enhances patient and staff satisfaction, and decreases costs. See our solution overview video.


Convenient for Patients

Medical Passport guides patients in completing a comprehensive online questionnaire that only requires them to answer relevant and appropriate follow-up questions. Medical Passport allows patients to provide their medical history information from the comfort of their homes, where they can easily access their medical records and medications. Patients can easily print pre-op instructions, acknowledge disclosures and reuse their medical history. See the One Medical Passport patient website.

Reduce Costs and Staff Stress

One Medical Passport delivers an immediate return on investment by dramatically reducing the amount of time nurses spend on data entry, phone calls and paperwork. On average, the system saves 20 minutes of nursing time per patient admission, which, for a typical facility, equals 1,000 hours a year. In addition, by collecting more accurate, complete patient information well in advance of a patient’s procedure, facilities can prevent stressful day-of-surgery delays and cancellations and realize additional cost savings. Calculate your potential cost savings here.


A User-Friendly System for Patients and Staff

One Medical Passport breaks down the complex task of creating a medical history into a series of simple steps that patients can easily complete on their own. Instead of creating an entire health history for each patient, staff need only review each patient’s Medical Passport.  Nurses can quickly review a patient’s health history information before contacting the patient, prepare specific questions, and focus on addressing the items that require attention. This reduces data entry and leaves more time for patient education or questions. Physician office staff members find many tasks easier with One Medical Passport, from surgical booking to the upload of patient documents.

See how the system can enhance workflow efficiency and safety with customizable tools, checklists, guidelines and reports here.

One Medical Passport has really helped improve our pre-admission process. Having comprehensive histories in advance of a procedure significantly speeds the pre-op process. Because information is more complete and more accurate, we know patients even better than we did before. This is very important as patient safety is our highest priority, and this software helps us be the best we can be. —Pamela Hancock, RN, BSN, Administrator, Ambulatory Endoscopy Clinic of Dallas, TX
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