Passport Big Board

One-Click Patient Tracking – COMING SOON!

Creating and updating the surgical board for the next-day’s procedures is a tedious, time-intensive, and often frustrating task. Passport Big Board does it with one click. By using data from your scheduling feed, Passport Big Board populates a customizable real-time display of patients’ location and status during each stage of their care. Additionally, it creates easily updated views tailored to different audiences and locations: OR staff or waiting room. Its efficiency and ease make a big difference in tracking important details.


Big Board monitors


  • Patients are tracked according to your facility’s workflow – from arrival, to pre-op, to OR, to PACU and discharge
  • Different customizable views display only the information relevant to the viewer
  • Information shown on each view is customizable by color coding, column preference, and patient status
  • Online viewing allows updates to be made and displayed on any device in any location – from a laptop in the backroom to a large monitor in the OR or waiting room
  • Nursing and staff time is saved; frustration and inaccuracies are reduced by eliminating hand-written details on a whiteboard
  • Operating rooms turn over faster, cases start on time, and facility staff and surgeons feel more in control by knowing the exact status and location of all patients. Last-minute schedule, case, and room changes are facilitated easily and efficiently
  • HIPAA-compliant waiting room view keeps family members up-to-date and alleviates questions and concerns by using a patient number generator