The Company Behind

One Medical Passport

Innovative & Experienced

One Medical Passport is the industry leader in online pre-admission and perioperative workflow solutions. In fact, we invented the first web-based, patented pre-admission system in 2000, and approximately 2.5 million patients a year now use our system. Ease of use and continued innovation have made One Medical Passport the most widely adopted solution and the clear market leader—larger than all of its competitors combined.


A Trusted Partner

Over 700 medical facilities and 20,000 doctors trust One Medical Passport to streamline their pre-admission process. From fast-paced ASCs to major academic medical centers, One Medical Passport connects patients, staff and physician offices, and simplifies the collection of required medical information.


Security and Reliability

One Medical Passport continuously invests in its infrastructure to provide rock-solid security and reliability to its customers. Recently, we ranked “Top 1%” for data security in an independent third-party audit. We use the same level of security as the online banking industry to safeguard data integrity, and state-of-the-art, geographically redundant hosting sites to ensure rapid, complete data recovery. Specifically, we use encryption for transactions and databases, and a managed intrusion detection/prevention service (IDPS) to analyze network traffic and proactively block any attacks and malicious traffic.


A Team of Clinical Professionals

We understand that your success depends on more than just great software to streamline the pre-admission process. That’s why our team includes medical professionals who have worked extensively in busy OR environments and understand your world. These professionals strive to develop innovative ways to make your facility even more efficient. We also understand that every facility is unique. That’s why we work closely with you to come up with a customized software solution that leverages best practices and fits your unique needs.