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So much to do – So little time

Meet Melanie…

Melanie’s facility does everything manually – spending hours on the phone collecting health histories and reminding patients about their procedures. It’s the end of the day and she still has a ton of calls to make before tomorrow!

Just thinking about the time it will take to make all those calls makes Melanie want to pull her hair out!

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White Paper: Texting Improves Patient Engagement and Outcomes

The medical world knows that engagement leads to improved care. Patients empowered with knowledge, guidance, and resources do better and feel better. They consistently adhere to pre-op preparations and post-op instructions, experience less fear, and enjoy improved outcomes.

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How Technology Can Help Facilities Make a “Good Catch”

Mistakes happen. In healthcare, however, mistakes can have dire repercussions and have to be avoided. As the World Health Organization asserts, “delivering safer care in complex, pressurized and fast-moving environments is one of the greatest challenges facing health care today.”1 Facilities understand this challenge and are seeking ways to improve patient safety by looking more closely at where they fall short.

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Are you underestimating the technology needs of your senior patients?

Health Care Providers often underestimate the technology needs of their senior patients.

Though the generation of 55 and older has witnessed and embraced the most dramatic changes in technology more than any prior generation, their online use and needs are often underestimated. In medicine, especially, health care providers often avoid engaging this demographic with online tools on the assumption they will be unwilling or unable.

Recent studies show a different trend:

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Beyond Patient Portals

In order to meet both the data-driven demands of medicine today as well as the expectations of the patient, facilities are turning to technology for solutions, often in the form of a patient portal. While this is a good start, these portals leave much to be desired. Rather than a mere registration and simple data exchange tool, facilities are looking for a more comprehensive and robust solution that engages patients in meaningful ways while also streamlining workflow and improving care.

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Addressing the Problem of Cancelled and Delayed Surgeries

Facilities suffer from the burden of a delayed or cancelled surgery as much as patients. For the patient, it means the anxiety and frustration of a delayed procedure, and for the facility it not only means the disruption of their workflow and case load, but a huge financial hit as well. Many facilities are seeking solutions to this difficult problem and are turning to better technology. Cloud-based platforms offer meaningful gains to both the patient and the facility, in terms of safety, efficiency and finances.

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Texting patients: Benefits across the entire perioperative continuum

From pre- to post-op, text messaging can improve patient care and increase facility efficiency. Through this widely available and effective communication tool, patients are informed and engaged, while facilities enjoy better connection, a decrease in cost and time, and improved staff and patient satisfaction.

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Patient Engagement = Better Care

Engagement is active participation. Its empowerment. It’s the knowledge and confidence to meet a goal or task head-on. It produces a can-do attitude and better follow-through.

Why is it important?

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How To Handle Paperwork Overload At Your Facility

While the most innovative technology is used in the OR, often some of the most antiquated is used outside of it. Facilities are striving to keep up with the extensive amount of data, records, and paper trails implicit in today’s medicine and are seeking affordable online solutions to their hardcopy problems.

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5 Tips for Introducing New Technology to Your Board

While most organizations have processes they would like to improve, it is not always easy to get everyone behind new ideas….

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