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Texting patients: Benefits across the entire perioperative continuum

From pre- to post-op, text messaging can improve patient care and increase facility efficiency. Through this widely available and effective communication tool, patients are informed and engaged, while facilities enjoy better connection, a decrease in cost and time, and improved staff and patient satisfaction.

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Patient Engagement = Better Care

Engagement is active participation. Its empowerment. It’s the knowledge and confidence to meet a goal or task head-on. It produces a can-do attitude and better follow-through.

Why is it important?

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How To Handle Paperwork Overload At Your Facility

While the most innovative technology is used in the OR, often some of the most antiquated is used outside of it. Facilities are striving to keep up with the extensive amount of data, records, and paper trails implicit in today’s medicine and are seeking affordable online solutions to their hardcopy problems.

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5 Tips for Introducing New Technology to Your Board

While most organizations have processes they would like to improve, it is not always easy to get everyone behind new ideas….

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Text Messaging: Optimize Your Facility’s Performance

Medical facilities are beginning to realize they have a simple and affordable way to better engage their patients, connect their staff and physicians, dramatically improve their efficiency and reduce wasted time and cost. And, that most of their patients and staff are probably already using it. Text messaging is the obvious solution for facilities looking for an easy and accessible tool to improve communication and streamline workflow. The consumer convenience and benefits are obvious, but as compelling are the gains to a facility’s efficiency, staff satisfaction, and bottom line.

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Texting: The Obvious Solution

When you need to reach the widest audience in the simplest way, there is no reason to recreate the wheel.

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One Company. One Platform. Multiple Solutions

We’re excited to show you how you can now connect with patients from pre- to post-op all in one place. Our easy, online tools can help your facility reduce administrative time and improve your bottom line.

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Online Pre-Admission: What you need to know

Cloud-based patient pre-admission solutions have become an industry standard. The systems are easy to implement, integrate, and use. They automate and streamline information-gathering and organization, while dramatically minimizing associated costs.

When considering online pre-admission providers, do you know what questions to ask?

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Case Study – SurgeCenter of Louisville

Surgecenter of Louisville, in Louisville KY, is a multi-specialty facility offering surgical services to over 450 patients a month.

In an effort to provide the best possible patient care experience, the center brought its pre-admission process online with One Medical Passport.

With 60% of their case volume being opthalmology, typically an older demographic, they are happy to find that their patients are largely receptive to the technology and appreciative of it’s convenience and efficiency.

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